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shutterstock_199515662 The Horizontal Falls might not be waterfalls at all, but they are one of the Kimberley’s biggest icons. A pair of stunning breaks in the McLarty Range approximately 300 metres apart, they are home to one of the most phenomenal tidal events in the world - as tides of up to 10 metres squeeze through two tiny inlets.

Whether it’s a month-long journey around the world or an idyllic river voyage through the Kimberley region, a cruise is arguably the best way to experience the world. In many ways, cruising is travelling without any of the headaches involved. You get to settle in one room and wake up each day in an entirely new destination. Here are some cruise basics for first timers, so you can understand what it’s like to take a cruise and why to many it represents the best form of travel.

shutterstock_15419173 The weather in the Kimberley can be unpredictable and extreme. Rather than having 4 seasons, like most parts of South Eastern Australia, it only has two: wet and dry seasons. This is because its proximity to the Equator. The wet season takes place during November to April, and the dry season from May to October.

Wild and untouched, the Kimberley is a region of outstanding natural beauty. Its unique landscapes and pristine flora and fauna make this coast a worthy destination and a place like no other on earth.

We have compiled amazing and various facts about the region, which will no doubt have you itching to visit as soon as you can.

Sometimes the most beautiful sites are sliding by as you travel by boat, particularly when you are on board a cruise in a place as full of photo opportunities as the Kimberley. Capturing those moments while you’re moving isn’t always easy, and it may be frustrating when the subjects of your photos are blurred with the background sharp. But with the right shutter speed and a few tips, you can control the effect of your snaps. You can even purposefully go for some artistic blurring for unique effects. Here’s a handy guide to help you take control of your photos, and take snaps that will make your memories last a lifetime. Follow these simple instructions, and you’ll be recording the rugged beauty of the Kimberley landscapes from the deck of your cruise ship with ease.

The Kimberley is a tropical monsoon climate, defined by a distinct wet season and dry season. A broad generalisation suggests that the wet season falls between November and April and the dry season is present May to October. Traditionally, most travellers choose to visit the Kimberley...

Birdwatchers from Australia and all around the world travel to Western Australia to view the diverse and abundant birdlife found in this vast land, which encompasses an area larger than Western Europe. In Western Australia, more than five hundred species of bird have been chronicled and if you are planning to birdwatch, there are a number of essential destinations to have on your list. Most birdwatcher enthusiasts will initially fly into Perth where there are a number of bird watching sites. The best place to bird watch, however, is in the north of the state in what is known as the Kimberley. The following list will help you decide where best to observe the magnificent birdlife Western Australia has to offer.
The Kimberley is a truly unique travel destination - one which is hard to imagine unless you have witnessed it for yourself. Our Senior Cruise Specialist, Ross Quigly, recounts his experience of this magical place. “I wonder what the rest of the world is doing on their Tuesday afternoon?” one of the passengers in our helicopter Skyped through their headset. “Is it Tuesday?” was another response. “And exactly what ‘rest of the world’ is that anyway?” she joked. Our group of flight-seeing enthusiasts gazed to the west from a thousand or so feet up to soak in the vista of the sunset - now deep blood orange - closing yet another spectacular Kimberley day. So if you’re thinking of really getting ‘a world away’ from it all, the border to another world starts in Western Australia.

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