Kimberley Pearl Charters

Our Pearl of the Kimberley!


Formerly a vessel of the famed Paspaley Pearls modern pearl lugger fleet.

Registered as B57, the Dalumba, as she was named, worked the pearl shell grounds off Eighty Mile Beach and at Compass Rose. Teams of six divers would drift across the shell beds, collecting pinctada Maxima for the purposes of surface cultivated Australian South Sea pearl farming.

The region where your cruising takes place is ideal for growing out the cultured pearl. The Dalumba would transport seeded shell to Kuri Bay or Talbot bay where they remain for 2 years to grow before returning to be harvested by pearl technicians.

Living The Dream

Guests enjoy fine food sourced from the bountiful waters of the Kimberley, matched by glorious sunrises and sunsets. You’re the main act, backed by rugged coastal cliffs, hidden rainforest and thick mangrove shorelines.

Sit back and relax or take up one of the many activities available aboard or onshore. The crew will provide an array of fishing equipment and fishing advice, and you can choose to fish hidden lumps or the many tributaries emptying into bays.

Our three tenders (dinghies) will ferry guests ashore where you can explore the waterways, hillsides and coastal fringes. We advise guests to stay alert in these waters as the crocodiles are watching our every move.

Dates & Rates 2024

Kimberley Pearl Dates and Rates 2024

Kimberley Pearl – Dates 2024
Cruise Dates
7 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Cygnet Bay (Broome) return February 29 – March 6
7 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Cygnet Bay (Broome) return March 8 – March 14
13 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Wyndham/ Kununurra March 16 – March 29
13 Nights Kununurra /Wyndham to Cygnet Bay (Broome) March 31 – April 13 LAST ROOM
13 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Wyndham/ Kununurra April 15 – April 28
13 Nights Kununurra /Wyndham to Cygnet Bay (Broome) April 30 – May 13 LAST ROOMS
13 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Wyndham/ Kununurra May 15 – May 28 LAST ROOM
13 Nights Kununurra /Wyndham to Cygnet Bay (Broome) May 30 – June 12
13 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Wyndham/ Kununurra June 14 – June 27
13 Nights Kununurra /Wyndham to Cygnet Bay (Broome) June 29 – July 12 FULLY BOOKED
10 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Swift Bay/Kununurra July 14 – July 24
10 Nights Swift Bay/Kununurra to Cygnet Bay (Broome) July 24 – August 3
10 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Swift Bay/Kununurra August 6 – August 16
10 Nights Swift Bay/Kununurra to Cygnet Bay (Broome) August 16 – August 26
7 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Cygnet Bay (Broome) return August 28 – September 4
7 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Cygnet Bay (Broome) return September 7 – September 14
7 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Cygnet Bay (Broome) return September 16 – September 23
7 Nights Cygnet Bay (Broome) to Cygnet Bay (Broome) return September 25 – October 2
Kimberley Pearl – Rates 2024 (per person / twin share)
Cruise Fares Per Person
7 Nights $8,400
10 Nights $12,000
13 Nights $15,600


✔ All transfers on day of departure & disembarkation
✔ Experienced crew & skipper of 5 for 12 guests
✔ Benefit of your own vessel and some flexibility to ‘choose your own adventure! daily
✔ All meals, soft drinks, tea & coffee – we pre purchase BYO beer wine spirits on your behalf
✔ Use of three tenders – daily
✔ All guided excursions & use of fishing equipment
✔ Added Exclusive charter savings


Kimberley Pearl Vessel

Deck Configuration

For those joining us on extended cruise itineraries, there is capacity to sleep twelve guests comfortably and we can easily accommodate up to 70 guests for a full or half day charter event.

Unique Vessel Features

The vessel boasts six air-conditioned cabins, 1 on the upper deck, 2 on the main deck and a further 3 below. All with modern ensuites, aircon and storage and there are extra shower and washroom facilities on the main deck. When relaxing, enjoy the spacious galley and comfortable seating area. Wide lounge seating is also positioned on the foredeck of the upper deck.
3 tenders (dinghies) allow guests to choose their direction of exploration. All fishing gear is provided by the crew, who will also provide fishing tips and assist with baiting hooks.


Best Value Exclusive Charters Through The Kimberley – just 6 couples and we’re all yours!

A private luxury Kimberley cruise is a truly life-changing and unique experience. Whether you’re planning to organise a Kimberley cruise holiday for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, a family holiday or Kimberley fishing charter with your mates, we offer the best value when it comes to Kimberley adventures. Nothing could be quite as unforgettable as sharing the experience of a private cruise customised specifically to the desires and needs of your group, as every activity will be tailored for the enjoyment of the individuals on board. Our recently-refurbished vessel offers the ultimate facilities for class and comfort, and can accommodate up to 12 guests in total.

The Kimberley is truly one of Australia’s last frontiers, boasting vast wildlife sanctuaries, spectacular gorges and thundering waterfalls. Nestled along the coast lie some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, untouched coral atolls and rugged islands with an amazing variety of marine life. Our exclusive private charter options will provide your group with an exciting range of activities to create your own unique itinerary. There is no better way to discover the magic of the Kimberley wilderness and wonders than by booking out the entire boat for your own private charter.

Whether you are a keen fisherman (or woman) who would like to participate in Kimberley fishing charters, or an avid nature lover who would prefer bushwalking, swimming, or going on nature tours with glimpses of waterfalls and secret swimming holes, our flexible, exclusive charter boat options mean you can have it all! Thanks to the diverse range of activities available, we can also offer a combination of itinerary options to keep everybody happy.

You can also leave it up to our experienced team to create your perfect itinerary. There are so many incredible natural wonders to see in the Kimberley, including sights such as the Horizontal Falls, Buccaneer Archipelago and Montgomery Reef. Otherwise, you can simply sit back, relax and admire the breathtaking views and unforgettable Kimberley sunsets while our dedicated crew takes care of your every need. You can read some of the feedback from individuals who have joined us on a cruise here.

Enquire now to find out more about booking your exclusive boat charter adventure at the best value with Kimberley Pearl Cruises. Places are already very limited for our private boat charters throughout 2024 (better for 2025), so make sure you don’t miss out by calling 1800 000 130 to check possibilities today!

What other travel components can be arranged pre & post cruise?

Kimberley Pearl Charters can provide valuable local advice and assistance when it comes to ‘getting around’ Broome and the Kimberley. We are happy to help with accommodation as well as other tour arrangements. Make sure you take full advantage of your visit to this remote destination!

What time is embarkation & disembarkation?

Times may differ slightly depending on tides, however all flight or coach transfer departures to meet the vessel, will be in the morning of the first day.  Disembarkation for guests will be in the morning, with arrival back in Broome or Kununurra by early afternoon.  With this in mind, Kimberley Pearl Charters recommend guests arrange pre and post cruise accommodation to allow for delays and ensure no flights or charter is missed.

How many can fit in each tender?

Kimberley Pearl Charters has three custom built tenders specifically for the Kimberley and fishing.  5 metres long with 70 horse power engines, our tenders are licensed to carry six passengers at a time.  With a total of 12 guests on board, the number of tenders to guests will ensure everyone can go out for their day activity of choice!

What happens if I am ill during the cruise?

Kimberley Pearl Charters requests that travellers are in general good health to participate in our cruises. Please detail any medical or physical conditions on the Booking Form provided and ensure you bring enough medication (if required regularly) for cruise duration and/or paracetamol or travel sickness medication. The Kimberley Pearl carries an extensive medical kit on-board for your well-being, and will also carry general first aid kits in all tenders and on all walks.

Please note that clients must bear the cost of any emergency medical or rescue services summoned at the discretion of the Master of the vessel in relation to any illness or injury.

Please ensure that you take out travel insurance adequate to the eventuality prior to boarding.

What do I wear and need to bring?

Due to the climate and nature of cruising activities, clothing is generally light weight, loose fitting, sun smart and made of natural fibre. No need for those heels – evening wear tends to be smart casual. Sturdy comfortable shoes (not boots) are required for land activities and we encourage guests to enjoy the freedom of being barefoot whilst on board the vessel.

Please provide your own toiletries. Bath and swimming towels will be provided. Sunscreen and insect repellents are provided on board, however if you have a particular brand preference, we suggest you include them in your luggage.

Can I purchase alcohol aboard?

Kimberley Pearl Charters is BYO, we do not operate an onboard bar service.  We liaise with a local bottle shop and can assist with arranging your alcohol order and ensuring your drinks of choice will be aboard the vessel at time of departure.  Payment will be made directly to the bottle shop for your order.

Can I dive or snorkel on my Kimberley cruise?

Whilst the crystal blue waters may look tempting, we are in croc country, so diving and snorkelling is only offered on our Rottnest Island Private Charters.  There will be many opportunities to explore the coastline and swim in a number of fresh water holes along the way.

How can I get in contact with my family?

The Kimberley Pearl has a satellite phone which guests are permitted to use at an additional cost.  Number can be provided to guests prior to departing, to provide to families in case of an emergency.

Is there a laundry facility on board?

A washing machine and dryer are located downstairs.  Should you require use during your cruise a laundry bag will be provided in each cabin.  Please ask one of your crew members and they would be happy to assist.

Can I drink the water aboard Kimberley Pearl?

All water on board is desalinated and safe to drink. In line with our responsible and sustainable tourism practices, all guests are provided with a water bottle upon boarding the vessel which can be re-filled from the main water tap located in the kitchen.  We produce our own water on board the Kimberley Pearl, but as this is one of our most precious commodities, we ask all guests to be mindful of their water use.

Are there any luggage restrictions?

Yes, due to the handling of luggage during transfers and stowage of the luggage on the vessel, guests are requested to pack lightly. A limit of 10kg per person using the complimentary soft duffel bags provided to you prior to the cruise. We request that no hard cases are to be used to carry your luggage. Should you anticipate your luggage to exceed this or have any questions, please speak to our office about arranging storage for excess luggage during this time.

Are there hair dryers on board the Kimberley Pearl?

Yes, Kimberley Pearl have three hair dryers for guests use should you require.

Are there any additional costs I need to consider?

Yes, the nightly cruise rate does not include the one-off fee for Native Title Access for the areas in which we will be cruising. Confirmed costing for this will be advised prior to final payment and detailed on invoice separately.



Kimberley Pearl Charters boasts exposure to a wide range of Pelagic and Benthic fish species. Whether you’re interested in hand lines or rod fishing, our staff can help.


The Kimberley has a diverse mix of Flora and Fauna found in a variety of landscapes. Bushwalking is truly breathtaking and you’ll be amazed at what awaits you around the corner…


The first Australians entered this continent some 40,000 years ago. Their footprint is discretely hidden in the numerous caverns, overhangs and waterways that make up the Kimberley. .


Brilliant, incredible, amazing and breathtaking. They’re all different and will leave you with lasting memories…


The Kimberley landscape hosts some of Australia’s oldest known rock features. It was once covered in a vast ocean, then glaciers and later tropical rainforest, of which small pockets still exist.


The giants of the ocean gather in Kimberley waters to rear their young. Crocodiles, the most prehistoric of them all, guard the Kimberley shores and river systems. Close proximity to the Continental Shelf has created immense biodiversity and an abundance of fish, crustaceans, and sponges.


Images of the Kimberley Pearl and its tenders operating in the heart of the Kimberley. Inspect the interior layouts, its spacious exteriors and the additional features available to you.


Delightful images of delicious meals served by our Chefs aboard. Meals can include produce from the region, freshly caught that day.

We’ll help you plan the perfect Kimberley cruise at the best price guaranteed