Top 10 Questions to ask your Travel Agent about The Kimberley

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Top 10 Questions to ask your Travel Agent about The Kimberley

The Kimberley is magnificent and for most, a ‘bucket list’ experience that will only be done once. So be it the expert team of Kimberley specialists at 1300 Cruise or your more general travel agent that you look to for advise on the Kimberley, be sure to have these questions answered. Only then, will you be sure you’re once in a lifetime Kimberley experience will be the very best it can and should be!

  1. Has your agent in fact ever travelled the Kimberley coast on an expeditions cruise? If so, how regularly?
  2. How many vessels is your agent familiar with that cruise The Kimberley coastline? Are you getting advice across the full range?
  3. What are a few key differences between these vessels?
  4. How can I be sure I’m booking on the most suitable vessel for me? Your agent SHOULD have very specific response for you on this question other than price, only then, will you be assured the best value for your investment.
  5. Has your agent been aboard the vessel/s you’re considering? You will benefit by first hand or extensive knowledge.
  6. What advice can be offered on your room type choices? Is the lowest price the best room for you and if so why?
  7. Where is the best suited accommodation to stay in Broome? Darwin? Kununurra and why? What advice are you offered for what to do in these towns and city?
  8. What vessels offer the most OR least opportunity for hiking/swimming etc-based on your personal requirements?
  9. Which vessels offer the opportunity to fish while on the cruise and which don’t?
  10. Do all rooms on all vessels have en suites and are all vessels air conditioned throughout?

If you or your agent are less than 100% on these 10 of the many points to consider, call our friendly team for a chat on 1300 278 473 or via to be guaranteed the best service, advice AND price!

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