Lady M – 12 night Extensive Kimberley Coast Cruise

Broome to Darwin (or itinerary can be reversed)

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Choose from Broome to Darwin OR Darwin to Broome.

Cruise highlights

  • Horizontal Falls (exhilarating boat ride through the falls)
  • Sillica Beach (swimming)
  • Crocodile Creek (swimming, site of interest)
  • Raft Point (view ancient Aboriginal art sites)
  • Ruby Falls (swimming)
  • Montgomery Reef (up close viewing from tenders)
  • Camden Harbour (historic site)
  • Sheep Island (historic site)
  • Careening Bay (historic site)
  • King Cascades waterfalls in the Prince Regent River
  • King George River gorges and waterfalls (climb, swim)
  • Casuarina Falls in the Berkeley River (climb, swim)

Cruise details

A set itinerary is difficult to follow due to the large tidal movements of the Kimberley coast. So in the best interest and comfort of our passengers, we set our itineraries on a day by day basis. We travel mainly during daylight hours, ensuring you will not miss any of the spectacular scenery along the way.

Silica Beach

Enjoy a dip in the pristine turquoise water or a barefoot walk on the pure white sand of Silica Beach. Treat yourself to a body scrub as you sit on the water’s edge. Enjoy the peace and remoteness of this area as you take in the view of the colourful surrounding sandstone rocks.

Crocodile Creek

Take a short ride in the tenders along the creek to the waterfall for a relaxing or invigorating swim surrounded by nature. The Koolan Island mine workers made this their own playground and swimming pool many years ago but now happily share it with those of us fortunate enough to be passing by.

Horizontal Falls

Experience a thrilling ride in a specifically designed fast boat through Horizontal Falls. Be amazed at the tidal power of this natural phenomenon.

Balance the fast pace of the Falls with a relaxing boat tour floating past the unusual and colourful lines to the ancient cliffs of Cyclone Creek. Observe the gentle lemon sharks surround the boat and feed the fish.

Montgomery Reef

Arriving on a lowering tide, we anchor in the centre of the “jewel” of the Kimberley coast. Enjoy an up-close tour in the tenders as the cascading water exposes the more than 400 sq km of coral reef rising from the sea. Spot the turtles as they poke their heads up for a quick look at their visitors. Keep and eye out for dugong, sharks, manta rays and the colourful fish visible in the clear water. A uniquely tranquil experience you will always remember.

Raft Point

A 30 minute climb up the red sandstone bluff rewards you with a exceptional and well-preserved Wandjina Aboriginal art site. On your way back down the bluff enjoy the spectacular view of Steep Island and the amazing colours of this area from under the huge boab tree.

Ruby Falls

When anchoring in Red Cone Creek we are often visited by the local ever-watchful crocodiles. Here we travel upstream in the dinghies for about 8 km for a fresh water swim at Ruby Falls, a chilly but refreshing dip under the falls and perhaps a mud pack for the ladies.

Camden Harbour and Sheep Island

The site chosen for settlement in 1864 by the Camden Harbour Pastoral Association, a decision which cost the lives of many, their sheep and horses. Under the boab tree on Sheep Island lays the grave site of the first white woman buried in the Kimberley. Remnants of the settlement and memorial plaques still remain today. This tragic story is revealed in the book, “There were Three Ships” (by Christopher Richard).

Careening Bay

One of the Kimberley’s most historic sites; the large boab tree carved in 1820 marking the time Phillip Parker King careened his ship in the bay for repairs on his third voyage of the Australian coastline. The bay is usually a good spot for fishing, so a good chance of fresh fish for dinner during our stay.

Prince Regent River & King Cascades

Cruise up the mighty Prince Regent through the many tidal whirlpools to the famous and picturesque King Cascades. The Lady M gently manoeuvres into the small gap in the riverbank directly under the falls for a refreshing shower and an opportunity for many photos.

King George River and Falls

As soon as the tide allows, the Lady M will glide slowly and silently upstream this breathtakingly majestic river lined with red sandstone cliffs and overhanging rocks. As the much-anticipated King George Falls comes into view the sounds of amazement fill the front viewing deck. Anchoring overnight allows for an early morning climb to view the river and falls from above and indulge in a dip in the lovely cool clear pools above the falls.

Berkeley River

Entry to this river is quite challenging as the sands at the mouth shift constantly. Our expert skipper will carefully manoeuvre through the entrance and meander upstream this glorious river. Even though this river is only 5 hours from the King George, the cliffs and colours are quite different. Lady M will anchor upstream as far as possible and then take the dinghies further up for an easy walk over flat rocks to a most delightful little pool to cool off. From a different anchorage point, another tender excursion takes us to Casuarina Falls. PS This is Bill and Maria’s favourite river !


Fishing is enjoyed throughout the cruise and the catch is cooked on the barbecue while you enjoy a drink and chat around the bar.

Lady M – 12 nights – Rates

Includes all listed itinerary activities.

Lady M – Rates per person 2020
Cruise Price 2020
12 night Extensive Kimberley Coast $11,990
Lady M – Rates per person 2021
Cruise Price 2021
12 night Extensive Kimberley Coast $12,495

* Multi Room Booking Bonus Savings – Call for details
** Charter Savings Rates Available – Call for details


  • All off-vessel excursions
  • Fast boat ride through Horizontal Falls
  • All meals for duration of cruise
  • Complimentary wine and beer with lunch and dinner (limits apply). Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. BYO extra. BYO spirits.
  • Fishing excursions including use of equipment.
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