Why Taking a Scenic Flight Will Enhance Your Kimberley Adventure


22 Dec Why Taking a Scenic Flight Will Enhance Your Kimberley Adventure

The Kimberley is a remote, rugged and vast terrain. While these attributes are what make this region so breathtakingly beautiful and unique, they also limit the options to get to them. That’s why flying over the area is a great way of seeing the amazing landscape and attractions. In fact, a lot of it can only be seen from the air. Do you want your trip to the Kimberley to be the holiday of a lifetime? Keep reading to find out how a scenic flight can enhance your adventure!

Why scenic flights are a good option

As we mentioned above, scenic flights offer the opportunity to access the remote areas and attractions (some of them, many kilometres apart) of northern Western Australia. Rather than driving for hours on a bumpy track, you could fly over and enjoy a few stops on the way. Some of the attractions, like the King George Falls, can only be seen via plane or boat.

Scenic flights can be done on planes, float planes, helicopters and even gyrocopters – we’ll tell you a bit more about the latter further down. If possible, choose local operators to be your guide, as they have extensive knowledge of the area and can take you to places only a handful of people have seen.

The Bungle Bungles

The Bungle Bungles are a series of beehive-shaped domes, coloured with orange and grey bands and formed out of sandstone about 20 million years ago. They were declared a World Heritage Site in 2003. You can access the Bungle Bungles by plane or helicopter ride. Flying by plane or helicopter can be quite fun, especially if the pilot decides to zoom low over the Bungles.

The Horizontal Falls

The Horizontal Falls are fast moving tidal flows that go through two narrow gorges from the McCarty range. The interesting thing about the Horizontal Falls is the fact that the tidal flow changes direction with each tide change, making it a one of a kind phenomenon. Even though being able to witness this popular WA attraction is possible by boat, from the air you get a unique perspective, as you get to see both gorges at the same time. On a boat you only get to experience a small portion of this wonder of nature.

The Mitchell Falls and the Mitchell Plateau track

Probably one of the hardest attractions to reach in the Kimberley area, the Mitchell Plateau is one not-to-be-missed. The views are truly amazing, and there is a camping area if you wish to extend your stay.

Even though you can get a scenic flight over the area, if you’re up for a trek, you can charter a helicopter flight one-way. The trek will allow you to walk towards the Mitchell Falls, swim in the natural spa pools Little Mertens Falls and check out the mystic Bradshaw rock paintings (read the amazing history of the rock art here). The views from this trek are breathtaking. Flying to the Mitchell plateau is definitely the easier way to get there, as driving from Kununurra can take up to 2 days, and the road are not in great condition.

Flying on a gyrocopter in Kununurra

A what? Yes, even though gyrocopters are quite popular in the area and quite a few people own one, they are not exactly popular throughout the rest of Australia. The best way to describe these flying machines is as having a double seat with three wheels, a motor behind it and a propeller above your head.

There was even a recent convention in Kununurra where gyrocopter enthusiasts gathered!

Flying on a gyrocopter is definitely for the more adventurous, but when you’re in the Kimberley, you may as well have a try! So if you’re keen to do a type of flight that will allow a more local and up-close experience, this is it. Even though at first glance gyrocopters may look a bit rudimentary, they are a quite safe way of flying. Gyrocopters need very little room to land, which means you can have a few unique stops during your flight that you may not otherwise be able to.

Some of the gyrocopter flights may take you over the Ord River, the Ivanhoe Crossing and more of the attractions closer to Kununurra.

Up, up and away!

Scenic flights are a great way of knowing the remote and natural attractions of the Kimberley region. Whether you would like to see the King George Falls, the Buccaneer Archipelago, the Horizontal Falls, the Mitchell Falls and Plateau, the Bangle Bangles and many more, watching them through the air is an exhilarating experience you will not likely forget. Kimberley Cruise Escapes is currently running a special offer, featuring a $1,000 scenic flight credit per person for some voyages. So what are you waiting for, call us today? The Kimberley awaits!

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